Final Draft

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I finished filming the detective and was able to construct a complete film opening, I made modifications to my titles making the movements faster adding greater disorientation and also manipulated shots further, using reverse, speed increase/decreases, adjustments to colouration and transitions, I added the final title and adjusted the music as my piece was previously too short lasting 1:30.


Preliminary Task

we filmed someone entering a room, sitting down, conversing passing an object before leaving. this task introduced us to various camera angles and editing rules. in my preliminary task i used: long shot, mid shot, close up and extreme close up. we also experimented with editing i used: match on action, 180 rule, over the shoulder, fade out and continuity. finally we explored sound I used: diegetic sound, dialogue and music. On evaluation i would like to improve stability of the camera and quality of sound.

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Second Draft

This is the second draft of my film opening, I worked on my footage in premiere pro putting together a complete sequence, despite not filming all my shots (I still have to film my detective and blood.) Since my first draft i have worked on image colouring (chose cinespace and subtle lighting/colour adjustments to give a unity to the shots and make transitions smooth,) timing and added music (adjusting the lengths of shots to fit with the musical beat and lyrics). I then added titles, at first i used static titles however from my research i found crime drama title sequences use childlike hand writing font and often flicker or distort adding to the mystery typically the genre, so I therefore replicated this by giving my titles motion and using ‘kindergarden’ font, i think this worked particularly well as my main character (the murder victim) is a child  meaning the font ties in with my characters and opening content.

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